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Product information

8 slot charging

Green Indicates Charging in Progress

LED & Dry cell battery detection

Dry Cell Battery Detection

Other benefits

  • Input type: AC
  • Charging Time: Approx. 5 Hours (eneloop AA x 1 to 8), Approx. 6 Hours (eneloop pro AA x 1 to 8)
  • Accepts Up to 8 x AA, 8 x AAA, Combination of AA/AAA Batteries
  • Ideal for Commercial and Business Use (Reduce Cost and Save Time)
  • Individual Voltage Control Function for Greater Efficiency
  • 8 x LED Indicators (Green Indicates Charging in Progress)
  • Detects voltage and stops charging just after overflow.
  • Auto voltage
  • Dimensions: 147 (W) x 119 (L) x 28 (H) mm
  • Weight: 240 g (Excluding AC cord)

Sales by Country

China, CIS, Europe, India, Japan, Taiwan


How to Use


AA battery, AAA battery

Place batteries in the slots according to the polarity position (+/-) indicated on each slot.


If a AAA battery is inserted from the (+) end first, the (-) terminal on the charger may be damaged.


AA size 1-8 pcs, AAA size 1-8 pcs, Combinations of up to eight AA or AAA batteries

Each battery is charged individually.
You can charge a single AA or AAA battery or up to eight at one time.


Power card

Connect the power cord to the charger.
Plug the power cord into standard 100-240 V AC outlet.


Check the LED light on the unit.
Blinking : checking the batteries' status
Green light : charging
If LED light keeps blinking;
→Check if the batteries are rechargeable and not damaged


It is a table of charging time. Battery size AA, Capacity 2400-2550 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 6 hours. Battery size AA, Capacity 1900-2000 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 5 hours. Battery size AA, Capacity 950-1000 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 2.5 hours. Battery size AAA, Capacity 900-950 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 3.5 hours. Battery size AAA, Capacity 750-800 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 3 hours. Battery size AAA, Capacity 550-650 mAh, Charging time 1-8 pcs 2.5 hours.

The battery is fully charged when the green light turns off.
For your own safety, this charger has an automatic cut off function when all batteries are completely charged.
Charging times shown in Table are only indicative and can vary depending on temperature and battery status.


Unplug the charger from AC outlet and remove batteries.

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